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Leverage Your Advertising Investment Through PPC Campaign

While SEO delivers long-term results in terms of driving steady and relevant traffic to your site, PPC (pay per click) advertising is powerful in attracting traffic relatively quickly. Unlike standard promotional initiatives, PPC allows you to target people who are searching for key terms associated with your service or product and then makes you pay only if somebody actually visits your site. Sounds Interesting? Keep on reading to know more about PPC.

What is PPC?

PPC (pay per click) usually involves creating advertisements like Banner ads, Flash ads, and text ads and placing them in the margins of the SERPs (search engine result pages). With search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, advertisers generally bid on keywords/terms relevant to the target market. So, your PPC ads will appear when somebody searches for the service or product using the keywords that you have already placed a bid on. You need to pay only if a visitor clicks on your ad – hence the name, Pay Per Click. PPC can be a solid element to your overall marketing campaign. Listed here are few points on why you should use PPC for your business.

Better SEO

Combining SEO and PPC yields more visibility on SERPs. Businesses that have already a powerful SEO campaign can further improve their results by using PPC (pay per click) advertising just by including their key terms on their advertising. This process can also boost the odds of organic search results. Even better, this marketing technique will bring in ‘pre-qualified’ traffic to your website.

Brand Exposure

Research reveals that the more a visitor is exposed to your product or service, the greater the chances that they’ll turn into a loyal customer. Through PPC, your brand name will get more exposure, thus increasing your customer base considerably.

Market Expansion

Want to expand your business market worldwide? It is possible with PPC. When businesses opt to take up a PPC campaign, they’ve the ability to decide where their advertisements should appear. This means that both small and big businesses can enhance their demographic as well as geographic markets via PPC advertising.

Low Cost

One of the primary benefits of a PPC marketing campaign is that there’s relatively low price involved. In the majority of cases, the budget to start an account is very affordable. Afterwards, companies just have to pay if their advertisement is clicked on. This is why a PPC (pay per click) campaign is a cost effective, safe opportunity for plenty of websites to develop their business.


Unlike conventional marketing, you can very well review your PPC reports instantly. You can view the PPC data on how your own advertisements are performing, how many new clients connected to your business, where they’re coming from, and many more. With so much information at your instant access, it is very simple to review, test, and then optimize your ads.

Keyword testing

A PPC campaign helps you test the effectiveness of particular keywords and key phrases at relatively low cost. Keeping track of your PPC report results helps you find out which key terms produce initial and repeat targeted traffic, and also conversions to sales. Similarly, keywords that don’t attract click-throughs could be discarded.


The wonderful thing about PPC advertising is it can be tailor-made according to your business needs and requirements, and budget as well. With the higher probability of being successful, less expensive, driving more traffic and increasing your website’s page search rankings, ppc (pay per click) is surely an excellent opportunity that you really cannot afford to miss.

What do we do?

At Vaughan SEO, we focus on each and every aspect when dealing with your PPC Account. This includes,

  • Research, Planning – Every PPC ad campaign is different, requiring a different set of keyword. We completely understand what makes your business different and how you could stay ahead of your competitors in this marketing world. We come up with a list of concrete keywords that really shoot your ROI through the roof.
  • Keyword Analysis – We will discover the effective keywords and phrases that have higher potential to bring you highly targeted visitors. We are always up-to-date and make use of latest technologies and tools to keep your PPC campaigns performing very well.
  • Approach and Strategy – Our approach and strategy will include things like search terms list development, ad-creation, and landing page creation and optimization.
  • Implementation and Testing – We will methodically roll out the developed strategy and alter to optimize it as we progress.
  • Monitoring and Management – Once deployed, we constantly evaluate all the aspects like full call tracking, analytic tracking, conversion tracking of your campaign to guarantee maximum return.

Looking for a better ppc management strategy to improve the awareness of your company and get more revenue? If so, Vaughan SEO is here now to help you out. We know that a robust ppc marketing plan is crucial for your business to stay competitive. We’ll ensure all your goals are met and every single dollar invested in your paid-media strategy is optimized to the best.