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Google SEO On-Page Ranking Factor List 2015

Google SEO On-Page Ranking Factor List 2015

Google SEO On-Page Ranking Factor List 2015 Version

Search engine optimization is a technique that has been used for years now by website designers and content writers to make their page rank higher on the tree for related webpages when a search engine traverses the list. With hundreds of thousands of webpages being published every day on the internet, it’s very easy for your webpage to be lost in the herd. There are certain factors that rank higher than others when it comes to Google’s search algorithm.

For this 2015, here are top Google SEO On-Page Ranking Factor List making your webpage a success.

  • User experience metrics – The entities that determine the experience of the user while visiting your webpage. These may include usability, visual ability etc.
  • Reduced titles tags – Reducing your titles to be short, concise and to the point can go a long way in increasing traffic to a page.
  • Originality – A key aspect for a webpage is the originality of the content. Keeping your webpage original and plagiarism free is a great way to be successful.
  • Informative, engaging and useful content – Creating content that is engaging to the user in the sense that it answers some questions, provides tutorials, informs the user of a certain aspect is handy technique.
  • Original images – Inserting original graphics or images instead of picking them from the internet also helps increase the performance of a webpage.
  • High Quality web design – Creating high quality websites is a key technique in ensuring higher search results in favour of the webpage.
  • Well Described Meta Content – Filling the webpage with concise descriptions can help user traffic.

Although this list of factors has topped the list, there are a few factors that have been rendered trivial after last year’s update. This list includes keywords. This means that even if you create content that is full of keywords related to your page or the service you are trying to market, a search engine will not rate your page higher up the list. Another factor that is has lost its place amongst the top ones is the longtail. IT comes to the surprise of most professional that it take such a long time for long tail to lose its place, but now you could confidently remove it from your list of things to do.

So there it is, the list of things that could help you divert attention to your page, and stand out from the rest of the poorly designed pages around the internet.

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