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5 Ways To Easily Improve SEO Using Repurposed Content

5 Ways To Easily Improve SEO Using Repurposed Content

5 Ways To Easily Improve SEO Using Repurposed Content

It’s been known for a while now, that search engine optimization is a thing of the past but this does not mean that you cannot keep your business up to date. Content marketing is here now and it’s going to be here in the near future. Customizing your content can not only be useful for all the viewers who access it but also increase the traffic to your page. More than 25 million Content articles are shared everyday on the internet, this is a guide as to how you can make yours a part of that.Content writing can be seen as a necessary evil. It’s necessary because it makes the base for your online market and viewership. It’s evil because it is so difficult. To write successful content, you need to be creative and patient. You could also be resourceful and outsource your work to somebody else. This is where repurposing content can come to your aid!Repurposing is the idea of taking a successful piece of content writing and giving it other purposes. This means that once you have a successful piece of writing, which is loved by the readers and received well by them, you could assign that piece of content, another role so that it could be recycled to generate more viewers.


Here are 5 simple Ways To Easily Improve SEO Using Repurposed Content

  1. Turn it into a presentation! There is a reason why presentations are such an effective means of getting the message across. They are short, to the point and informative. Take your content and make an effective PowerPoint presentation out of it. Upload this to SlideShare or other similar sites and see the magic.
  1. Nobody likes numbers, make an infographic! If you have a post that is very fact centric or contains a lot of statistics, you could make it a little more popular by turning it into an informative graphic design or infographic.
  1. Make a video. Another popular way of getting a message across is to make a video. If there is one thing people like watching more than a presentation is a video. Make a tutorial and post it on any social network. If it’s any good, it’ll take off!
  1. Another way of repurposing your content is to make an audio podcast out of it and broadcast it on networks like soundcloud and Sutros. You could record yourself giving the tutorial or sharing your experience and give your content a little twist.
  1. Publish a book! Not a regular book, an eBook. This is one of the most effective way of reaching your audience. People still like to read but do not like to carry their paperbacks with them. Here comes the eBook. With the massive success of eBook readers, people have been switching to eBooks in the recent past. This gives you a great market value!

These techniques or tips aren’t all of the ones available around the globe, there are many more but these are the most common and effective ones. Use them are recycle our contents to their full potential.

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